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Short Testimonials

The use of gift cards, instead of physical items can seem a little...unconventional. But the reasoning is easy to see from reading these quotes. How could someone ever know whether Terrie needed an inhaler or diapers for her son?  This is why we use gift cards: because everyone has different needs and they all need to be met. 

These grocery store cards really helped out. There was some confusion with my last check and I haven’t gotten paid yet. Now I know I can have something in the refrigerator for me and my son.
— Jesscia
My child has been sick for the last four days. Being able to use the CVS cards for her co-pays and extra diapers really helped.
— Maya
Feeding four kids on a very limited budget can be really difficult. Knowing that a gift card is available to help really puts my mind at ease.
— Natasha
It was my daughter’s birthday and I really wanted to make her a special meal. I was able to use a gift card to purchase the ingredients. It made mine and my daughters’ day extra special.
— Terrie
My son spends weekends with his father, and it seems like every time his inhaler is left at his house. I was able to use a giftcard to help pay for an extra inhaler to keep with me. I am so grateful for this.
— Tara
I have three kids and the stop and shop gift cards helped me buy food for one of their birthdays.
— Anonymous
The CVS gift card helped me buy a poster board and supplies for my daughter’s school project.
— Anonymous
I needed groceries after I lost my food stamp card and I’m so happy gift cards were available.
— Anonymous