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My First Grilled Cheese Sandwich


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My First Grilled Cheese Sandwich


         Recently, I had the most amazing experience at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. I had been there once before, when it was empty to talk about, what I hope will be a great partnership however on Wednesday, me and Stephanie were just there to help with the last dinner shift of the season. This shelter is run by college students and they were really amazing people to talk to. They were interested in my project and even suggested that I try to get the Harvard community involved somehow which I thought was a great idea although I’m still wondering about how I would go about doing that. I made my first (successful) grill cheese sandwich and I got to observe how the shelter was run. The kitchen reminded of my camp, it was clean and there was a large stockpile of a variety of foods. The chicken that they had planned on cooking was not done in time so we had to improvised. We made a delicious pasta and chicken sauce. The volunteers were extremely happy and I really enjoyed the entire experience