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Being Grateful


Sorry I missed a week but I’m back now

            One of the things I think is very interesting is that when we give something, we almost always expect something in return. Think about it, you give a birthday gift to your teenage niece, whether or not she likes it, you expect a gracious smile and a thank you note. This is also true with homelessness. When you give someone money on the street you expect something in return. A smile, an enthusiastic thank you and as not to throw anyone under the bus, I am definitely in this group as well. I had someone say to me “Well she wasn’t very grateful” after they gave money to someone suffering from homelessness on the street. At first, I was confused. Why wasn’t she thankful and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t the person receiving the money being rude, it was this idea that when you give money to someone who clearly needs it, we expect them to be overly thankful. However, the truth is that they may or may not be grateful. They may feel slighted or are having a bad day. They may feel mad that you gave them a dollar when you had a five dollar Starbucks in their hand. The truth is you can’t know, you just have to realize that they are having whatever feelings they are going to have and they are going to show them however they want. It does not change whether or not you are going to give them money.