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Some Numbers Behind Homelessness In Boston


 The numbers behind homelessness are more complicated than the title indicates. The trouble with statistic especially in this case is that 1) No one agrees on a set number and 2) Some numbers are very misleading. But I’m giving it a try.

In a report from the US Conference of Mayors it was stated that in December of 2014, a quarter of Boston’s homeless were actually employed; it just wasn’t enough.

In Massachusetts, the percentage of people suffering from homelessness is increasing faster than anywhere in the country. It was reported that it was up 40% since 2007.

The number of citizens in Boston Emergency Shelters is 16,540 in 2013 compared to Los Angeles 14,202 (where they just declared a state emergency in relation to the growing homeless population. )

Mass does have a “right to shelter” law which entitles everyone a roof over their head leaving only about 4% of the Boston homeless living on the streets according to the Boston Globe.

According to the city wide census reported through WBUR, the number of children who are homeless is now 2,440.

There is so much information about this issue and I encourage you to learn more about it! You can always let me know if you find something you think is worth sharing!

The United States Conference of Mayors 2014 Status Report on Hunger & Homelessness via